I recently went to dinner with a friend.  She expressed how she really needed to speak to me concerning help in her business.  Her first statement was “I don’t need motivation, I simply need to know what to do in my business.”  I’ve head this statement over and over from clients, event planners, business owners and friends.  We don’t need motivation, we need information.

The truth is we live in an information world.  It is easier than ever to find the exact information you need to create success.  With a few clicks on your keyboard, you can generally find the answers to most questions.  So why are people convinced that they don’t need motivation?

It’s because most people don’t understand the power of motivation.  They don’t understand that knowledge is only half the battle.  You can have all of the information on how to do something, yet lack the self-belief or courage to take the action steps towards your dream.  This was the case of my friend.  We spoke for 20 minutes or so and after our discussion, she felt empowered to do what she needed to do.

How did I do it?  First, I simply asked her what she needed to do.  Many of us get addicted to the feeling of not knowing enough.  This creates a plush pillow we can relax on because “if I don’t know enough, I won’t have to face the fear of taking action.”  By asking what needed to happen in her business, I showed her that she already had the answers, what she really needed was the encouragement to believe she was capable of doing the tasks.  I then did a one-on-one empowerment session, helping her to understand who she really is, and the power she has.

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Like my friend, most of your employees, event attendees, or even team members know what they should do, but aren’t reaching success because they are simply not taking action.

90% of event planners who hire me, ask me to bring information (which I do), yet at the end of the event audience members generally, boast about how they now have the MOTIVATION to take the steps.  So don’t fall into the trap of believing motivation isn’t important.  It’s the #1 thing that will inspire you to take the action you need.  No Action = No Results.

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